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23 September 2012 @ 10:09 pm
[sticky post] Fic Master Post  


Angels on Bare Skin - NC-17
Kurt and Blaine clean up after the events in 3x05.

In Which Poor Blaine Can't Even Enjoy His Medium Drip
Kurt and Blaine are having coffee with an unwanted guest when Santana happens upon them at the Lima Bean. Kurt can't resist inviting her to join them, much to Blaine's discomfort.

Of Love and Staircases
Blaine has mysterious plans. Kurt? He's just along for the ride. Sappy romantic mush with a touch of sassy!Kurt and the misuse of a Dalton tie that isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.

Between a Rock and a Hard Rachel
Rachel wants to experiment and Finn needs some brotherly advice. Kurt sends him to Blaine.

Spaces Between
Kurt is bored. Blaine isn't himself. There are far too many maybes and almosts. AU after Special Education.

En Garde
Santana wants to see for herself, make sure he's all right. And then she ends up driving two hours out of her way to avenge him or some shit. How the hell did that happen?

Silver Lining
Kurt looks after post-surgery Blaine under the watchful eye of his parents.

Wherein Blaine is Well On His Way to Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady
Kurt's impending move to New York may be upsetting Blaine far more than he is letting on. Cue Kurt and a plan to help soften the blow.

Forest for the Trees
Future fic. Santana enters into a curious sort of contest and convinces Blaine to come along for the ride. Kurt remains unconvinced. Or does he?

Late Night Monster Movies and the Consequences Thereof
Blaine finds Kurt doing something ridiculous at 2am.

Derwent Graphitint Cool Grey #22
A new student prompts a long overdue conversation between Kurt and Blaine.

Meat Sweats, Prancerella, Hell Harpy and Octopussy: A Bromance
The weekend at Blaine's house was meant to be quiet, but it didn't quite turn out that way.

And That's How I Choose to Remember It
Finally one of Burt and Carole's trips to Washington coincides with the Andersons being away. With everything in place and Finn blackmailed into silence, Kurt and Blaine settle in at Blaine's house for an entire week of nothing but each other. Or so they thought. Interruption comes by way of a very unexpected visitor – Blaine's long-absent older brother. Kurt knows that Blaine's relationship with his brother has been strained, but Blaine has never really explained why.

Fanfare - NC-17
Everyone is excited by the surprise guest. Everyone, that is, but Blaine.

They Never Warn You About the Jam Hands
It's Blaine's thirtieth birthday and Cooper figures he and Kurt deserve to celebrate it properly. Sans The Child.

I Thought You'd Keep Me Warm
Sometimes the right push comes from the most unlikely of places. A reunion fic written before 4x04 aired.

Be it you outside my door 
Blaine's instincts lead him to right place at last. A reunion fic written before 4x04 aired. 

The weekend before Halloween, Blaine decides he can't take Kurt's silence any more and hops on a plane to New York. He gets more than he bargained for: a wild night out at a costume party hosted by Kurt's new friends, and the hope of moving forward with the only person he'll ever want.

The Many Halloweens of Cooper and Blaine Anderson (Slightly Abridged)
Halloween has always been a special day for the Anderson brothers. 

Gibbous Moon
The moon is waxing, nearly full, and Blaine is having a hard time dealing with other people being around Kurt. Werewolf!Blaine AU. 

Nightbird Two-Shot:
Nightbird Meets His Match
At the final meeting of his super hero club, Nightbird receives a surprise visit from a masked man. He may know the visitor's secret identity, but not his intentions. And those intentions may just sweep him off his feet.
Nightbird Makes An Advantageous Mistake
Nightbird is caught in the clutches of the villainous Cat. Can he escape? And more importantly, does he want to?

Act Naturally 

When Kurt unlocks the door and pushes it open at ten past six, he knows almost instinctively that something is afoot. Daddy!Klaine future fic.

Put Up the Tree Before My Spirit Falls Again
Kurt has secretly hated Christmas since he was eight years old, and now that he's living away from home he can avoid it with nothing but a little excess guilt. So when he calls to say he isn't coming home for Christmas this year, Burt decides it's about time he did something about that. It's a good thing he's bringing along a right-hand man.

1SM fills and tumblr prompts

Constant Craving - NC-17
Blaine can't help but want.

Anything You Can Say
Kurt, Blaine and their kids meet up with old friends while home visiting.

White Wedding
Future fic. It's their wedding day, why so cranky?

Adventures in Babysitting
Cooper's first experience babysitting his little brother.

A Day in the Country
Kurt and Blaine take their kids on an outing to the country one lovely September day.

Lima Memorial Maternity Ward, 9 am
Cooper meets a nice man while visiting his baby brother at the hospital.

Defy Gravity?
Missing moment set during the season one episode Wheels.

An Autumn Evening in Central Park
Kurt beats Blaine to the punch and takes him completely by surprise.

Carpe Diem - NC-17
They are supposed to be at Santana's graduation party, not in the back of Kurt's Navigator in an empty parking lot.

Buy now and we'll throw in this lovely pair of silly boys! Or, the one where Kurt and Blaine watch infomercials at two in the morning.
The title pretty much says it all.

Fairer Than the Fairies
When a beautiful child is born in the Kingdom and the King declares him "fairer than the fairies", the Fairy King is angered and seeks vengeance for the King's words.

Why Does My Heart Skip A Crazy Beat?
'50s AU. There's a new drive-in diner opened in Lima. When Blaine tries it out for the first time he encounters a very intriguing server.

Assorted drabbles & ficlets written for First Klaine Kit 

One Hundred and One 
Their daughter's first fever has Blaine a little shaken up.

Klaintana Spooning 'verse

I Will Stand With You at the Gates of Hell
It happens like she knew it would. Who else can she turn to but the only one who could possibly understand?

Conversations with Spoons
Kurt and Santana visit Blaine after his operation. Another member of his family turns up to check on him.

Bitter vs Sweet
Kurt, Blaine and Santana discuss their Valentine's Day ups and downs.

The Only Rule of Steamroller
At the end of the day, what can they really do but try and comfort each other?

Dr. Snix: Love Psychologist
Santana goes to check on the boys.

Tadpoles, Pudding Balloons and the Future
Kurt, Blaine & Santana have a talk about what comes next and are visited by Kurt's biggest fans.

Culvert Confessions 
Santana pretends they aren't actually friends, but she always turns up when Kurt needs her.


How Can Our Love Go Wrong If We Start the New Year Right - NC-17
Kurt hosts a New Year's/Birthday costume party. There is party prep, party and it eventually devolves into filthy, drunken porn. As these things sometimes do.

Discord & Disaster
While Kurt is waiting for Blaine to meet him at the Lima Bean he is kidnapped along with a pesky Sebastian. They need to put aside their differences and work together to escape and return to their loved ones, including an increasingly desperate Blaine.

Discord & Disaster Missing Moments: 

Missing Moment 1: Sebastian asks Blaine an inappropriate question about Kurt. 

Missing Moment 2: Burt gets a call from Puck. 

To the Lost (And Found) - WIP
It's been three weeks since the creatures began taking over and Blaine is all alone and injured. Rescue comes by way of three unusual warriors.

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You - NC-17
On the third of August in Blaine Anderson's ninth year, something momentous happens: he sees a boy crying on the beach and decides to do something about it. What he gets in return is a best friend, a confidant, an ally to help him through the ups and downs. They spend one month together every summer. One perfect month until they are old enough to escape together. Eleven Augusts and the letters in between.

The Wisdom of Wildflowers - NC-17
It's been ten years since Kurt set foot in the halls of William McKinley High School, but the death of a friend has him headed back to Lima and spending time with his old friends. The week brings sorrow, reminiscences, love, and maybe the chance to mend the tears in old relationships.